1. Why Should i Choose Orderlite Mobile Application ?
Ans : Orderlite Mobile Application is one of the best M-Commerce Applications which allows you to engage your customers by 24*7. Orderlite gives you Complete privacy for your Shop and safety to your products because of no copy feature is there and you can do advertisements, promotions and branding of your products easily.

2. I want an app. For my business but i don’t know from where to start ?
Ans : If you’re searching for the best online platform to do your business online then Orderlite will be the right choice for you. Because of Simple and Understandable content it’s very easy to get your business online. We will also give you support in case you have any query by using this application.

3. What if i have any problem / query in future ?
Ans : In future if you have any Problem / Query then just let us know we will surely guide you for the same.

4. Which Operating System this App. Supports ?
Ans : Orderlite can be Install In Android & I-phone Devices.

5. How can i get benefits for my business with Orderlite Application ?
Ans : Orderlite will give you multiple benefits for your business. some of them are mention here, Easy Advertisements of your products, Customer Engagement anytime anywhere, Time Saving, Promote your products, Broadcast messages, etc.

6. Which kind of Data i can maintain in Orderlite ?
Ans : You can Upload multiple product images, Keep Order History, Push Notifications and Message History, etc.

7. Will i get training or Demo to use Orderlite ?
Ans : Yes, you will surely get training or Demo to use Orderlite. You can contact us anytime if you have any query.

8. How much Customers i can add in my Shop ?
Ans : You can add multiple Customers in your Shop. There is no limit to add your customers because as much customers you will add, you will get more prospects from them.

9. How much Products i can send to my customers at a time ?
Ans : At a time you can send multiple product images. there is no limits to send products.

10. Do my customer need to download product’s photos or they can directly see in Orderlite ?
Ans : Once you will send your product images then your customers will get a notification for the same and they will able to see your products directly on their screen and on your shop.

11. If i am sending Product Details to my customers and if they don’t have Orderlite Application Then what ?
Ans : If you sends any product image to your customers and if they don’t have Orderlite Application installed in Mobile then they will get notification and Orderlite Application link on whats app. or SMS.

12. Who can use this Application ?
Ans : Orderlite Application is made for everyone. If you’re a Businessman then you can use Orderlite application for your business purpose, for selling your products online. If you’re a buyer and you’re purchasing products from your fix shops then it will help you to buy their products online through Orderlite without wasting time to go in market.

13. How much Partners i can add in Orderlite ?
Ans : you can add multiple Partners In Orderlite Application.

14. Will i get notification if i receives an Order ?
Ans : Yes Of cause, Whenever you’ll receive any order or if there is any activity happens in your shop by customers then you’ll get notification for it.

15. Can i put restrictions for some of my customers ?
Ans : you can manage your customers as per your requirements.

16. Can Customer Modify or Cancel an Order once he placed it ?
Ans : If an order is in pending status then he can modify it but he can’t cancel it.

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