How Orderlite binds & engages customers?

Posted by OL Admin on October 17, 2016


Every business has this question in mind “How to really engage your new customers?” or “How to retain your existing customers?” Effective ways to engage customers might be many. But, let us show you the most important ones so that you gain traction, especially when you use an app like Orderlite, which helps buyers and sellers to get connected.

1. Genuinely concerned for users

Orderlite is a reason to setup your shop, because it is an app bringing buyers and sellers on one platform with great zeal and enthusiasm. Engaging customers for long term involves orderlite belief in serving value.

2. Get benefited from 2-way conversation

Be involved in every single conversation with customer, and that’s what Orderlite does. Whenever, a user faces any kind of issue, Order lite support is ready at the service. Whether, social media, website, phone, email, in person, or by any other means, if a user comes to Orderlite with a complaints, it gets solved within matter of hours or days. Replying to both praise and criticism in positive manner is the key to a 2-way conversational success.

3. Be assertive and not impulsive

Aggressive communicators find a tough time in empathizing with customers, only building user frustration. This is unlike Orderlite, which behaves assertively no matter what the situation is, ultimately solving the issues.

4. Keep customers on top priority

You need to keep user interest into consideration and provide information as per their expectations. Do not take things for granted. Orderlite handles this point with utmost care by asking them directly. Social media is a great place for a one on one conversation. With an extensive presence on social networking sites, Orderlite responds to both positive and negative questions equally, fixing them to solve all the grievances.

5. Do not compromise on credibility with unfair gimmicks

You might attract too many customers initially through false promises. However, when you do not fulfill them, you will lose out on your potential as well as current user base. Orderlite does not give an opportunity to customers doubting their honesty and credibility, keeping the trust intact.

6. Have clear communication without interruptions

Choosing a smooth and clean language for communication keeps things transparent with your consumers. Such as apologizing them after committing a mistake, or guiding them on their mistake, are true signs, and that is what you see in case of Orderlite.

7. Take regular follow-ups for relationship building

Auto-responders are highly popular, but taking follow-ups in person, build relationships with the consumers, and even the customers think that they are getting involved with someone real. Orderlite does this by calling their loyal customers, chatting with them on social media, or by writing email on every small and big occasion.

8. Even employees be equally engaged

Before letting the users engage with the product, allow employees to get engage. Once the employees get engrossed, you are sure to grab user attention as well. Every single employee working in Orderlite is passionate towards the app, and hence same can be conveyed to customers as well.

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