It is unwise to sell physical if you can go online

Posted by OL Admin on October 25, 2016


With ecommerce industry booming, online sales are about to cross the trillion dollar mark, and the reasons are pretty evident. Now you have real strong excuses for switching from a physical setup to an online setup. In fact, if I ask a normal user what would he (she) prefer – “Going to” or “Visiting a WalMart Store?” the answer is obvious i.e. Amazon. This is the impact of ecommerce on lives of everybody. So let us see, why you should be Selling Online, rather than putting too many efforts on a physical store.

Save valuable time and money of users
Gone are the days when users went on a spree looking for their favorite products in favorite stores all across the town, spending too much of their time and money. Now, they are just a few clicks far off from whatever they want to buy.

Online stores can enhance with ratings and reviews
Real stores have less chances of communicating directly with the customers, compared to online stores who facilitate users with online ratings and reviews. This way you, as an ecommerce store, can know which products are selling like hot cakes, and which are not, clearly indicating what to keep and what to remove.

You won’t find a “Search” box with physical store
Just like search functionality within an ecommerce store, there is no such thing in case of a physical storefront. Imagine, visiting a physical store, and greeted by Salespeople who always misguide you. This is not the case with a Search box present on an ecommerce website. Users can find whatever they want within no time, and that too with precise results.

Make personalized recommendations of products and services
Have it ever happened that you visit a physical shop, and you get recommended the products, without even knowing your preferences? This is impossible in case of physical setup, since salespeople don’t know you. However, ecommerce websites are smart enough to save your preferences and use the same on your next visit to recommend users with suitable offerings. This is where technology comes to focus and so does the prime importance of having an ecommerce shop on Order lite.

Users are freed from the hustle of a mall or store
Freezing cold air conditioning, bad smells, pathetically slow elevator, old people and children crossing path, annoying people, screaming babies, etc. are the common issues people face when they go shipping in a super mall or a store. You can have this all removed by freeing users from the hustle, and buying things from your store just by sitting on computer.

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