Orderlite all set to offer amazing Diwali spicing up your season with 5* offers

Posted by OL Admin on November 8, 2016


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Whenever there is a festive time nearby, especially Diwali, you have ecommerce special offers and discounts jumping from all over the place, getting all the ecommerce sites in an open ecommerce war, leading to overwhelming sales. You have already seen eCommerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal, taking advantage of “Great Indian Shopping Festival”, “Big Billion Days”, “Unbox Diwali Sale”, and more such tactics, to wrap up a stupendous amount of revenue.

Benefits from a buyer perspective
Even mobile apps are not letting themselves stay behind in this tug of war. Taking inspiration from ecommerce giants, apps like Orderlite, have introduced the online sale events, from different vendors, taking place during this festival time. Orderlite is one of those few apps wherein you can check out all the local bazaars, and spice up your Diwali festive. The vendors, who have tied up with Orderlite, are all set to offer best deals to people during the Diwali season. What you will avail are targeted offers from sellers, showing up on one or another occasion during the entire month. Additionally, the app is going out of the way to woo customers through an engaging experience in solving customer queries right away if any.

Benefits from a seller perspective
Not only the app is beneficial for buyers, but also sellers who want to set up an ecommerce storefront, and take advantage of the Diwali fest. With the range of functionalities, users can set up their products or services for sale, edit their profile related details to set up their brand appearance, handle multiple shops together for switching in between whenever required, show up offline, set privacy of products, send out push notifications to keep customers informed, have a track of order history, broadcast a message, and lots more.

With a shift in people mindset and buying preferences, people are becoming more Smartphone savvy, and even technology oriented when it comes to buying things of all sizes right from their mobile. This is a great opportunity for you the ecommerce sellers to join hands with Orderlite, and enhance your sales through an app that has practically everything. We just saw a range of features, an ecommerce store owner could use. However, that is simply nothing, as you have many more to explore once you set up your own shop.

Didn’t downloaded Orderlite app yet?
You might find a tough time in setting up your ecommerce shop on web due to technical requirements. However, with the user friendly interface of Orderlite, you not only have a simplified user experience, but also wrap up tremendous sales on festivities just like your big shot competitors are doing so.

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