Rise of online shopping is killing local shop arrangement

Posted by OL Admin on October 18, 2016


Online shopping gaining momentum these days, the time is not going to be far when all the retail stores will go online closing their brick and mortar store. Today, it is all about having an ecommerce storefront, unlike having a physical storefront in old days. We are not saying that physical retail stores are dead. However, the advantages lying behind having an online shop are many, with least probability of risks involved.

Opening a physical shop need you to go for a killer investment with too many costs involved, related to land, space rent, people, maintenance, stock, logistics, and so many other associated overheads. Oppose to this, to have a physical store you need to just get yourself an ecommerce website in place with minimal costs involving a domain name, and domain hosting, which are so negligible in comparison to having a physical setup that you will feel like laughing.

Neither you have to take a land and arrange products, nor have to worry about cleanliness, people and customers complaining about things. Additionally, you directly deal with the customers, cutting down on the intermediaries. Just have a secured payment gateway integrated, and you are ready to sell things from your ecommerce storefront.

In Order Lite Here the concept of drop shipping works beautifully. You need not to buy a warehouse and store a range of products from different vendors. Just keep the images of products, and start selling. When an order arrives you order the same from the vendor so that you buy products only which are on demand. Hence, you are selling for a higher margin, without any need of keeping the stock.

Online ecommerce has customers for every possible ecommerce store. You just need to promote your ecommerce store well through different advertising mediums, and you are all set to go. Since there is no physical setup you have no competition whatsoever. There is no parameter on which your competitors can judge you and your caliber, and hence you can sell your products with ease. You can break-in whenever you want, and succeed by keeping right kind of products at highly affordable prices.

You need a strong customer base for your ecommerce setup. Hence, you can opt for online and offline marketing sources such as social media, hoardings, newspapers, radio, TV, advertising agencies, and more. A retail store has a limited scope of marketing because of presence within a certain area, city, state, or country, excluding people belonging to other regions. However, there is no limit on an ecommerce store marketing scope, since the whole world is a target audience. Also, you can keep updating your products or services base, so that visitors keep coming to your website.

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